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Schwe Schwe shoes

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Cape Town and stay with my family. My d – i – l ┬ámentioned that there was an exhibition of schwe schwe at the Slave Museum . Schwe schwe has always been one of my most favorite fabrics, from the designs, the hardiness of the fabric and […]

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Sand artists

We went for an early morning walk today and the sand artist was already touching up his work. What patience this young man has, to maintain and create a piece of art daily that can be demolished by the elements at any time.    

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Meet Thandeka

I thought it would be good to see who you are dealing with when you buy your Zulu hats. This is Thandeka , the main crafter of Zulu hats. I took this picture this morning in miserable weather and she still managed to look delightful.

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